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Pull yourself together Job!Up on your feet ! Stand tall! I have some questions for you, and I want some straight answers. Where were you when I created the earth? Tell me since you know so much! Who decided on it’s size? Certainly you’ll know that! Who came up with the blueprints and measurements? Jhow was its foundation poured, and who set the cornerstone. While the morning stars sang in chorus and all the angels shouted praise? And who took charge of the ocean when it gushed forth like a baby from the womb? That was me! I wrapped it in soft clouds, and tucked it in safely at night. To read more go to Job 38.

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Kimber Bowers
Kimber Bowers
Jun 21, 2021

I like remembering my Creator. I also like when you include a reference for your writings. It helps me understand the context of your thoughts.

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