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Day 5 of 4 day prayer journey; 3/9/2022. Today's focus will be on a homeless man I will call Chuck. Chuck sleeps in the back of his truck that has a crude wooden shell; panhandles; jobless and extremely overweight.. Chuck has many things going for him: not a druggie or alcoholic; believer in Jesus; great attitude and willing to do anything to get his life together. Last week he obtained a PO Box here in Prescott, AZ driver's license and registered his truck in Arizona. Yesterday he had a job interview and has more scheduled. He has a new pair of jeans and 3 new shirts. He will open a new bank account Thrusday. We are meeting at Denney's for lunch. Why Denney's? Denney's has free internet connection. With his phone he can make connections and set up job interviews.

Chuck is the person for me to engage with. Jesus didn't come for the perfect person, but for the lost; broken; poor; hungry and the unloved. When the Good Samaritan saw a man bea ten, robbed and left for dead, he didn't avoid him. He helped him by attending to his needs. I have much to learn regarding Chuck. Pray for Chuck and pray for me that I will not fail in being the hands and feet of Jesus.

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