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Day 11

Day 11

World in chaos

Biden- lack of leadership, no moral authority, does not call upon God. The best the world has to offer.

Bennet- weak, weak, weak. Does noyrt call upon God

Boris- has some strength, does not call upon God

Putin- strong leader, does not call upon God

Raisi- butcher, no love for Iranian people

Erdogan- tyrant, no love for his people

Assad- tyrant, no love for his people

Bolsonaro-strong, loves his people

Obrador- ?

Xi Jinping-world dominion, hand in USA vote fraud

Merkel- ?

Macron- strong, needs godly direction

Trump- imperfect man, God’s anointed

Pelosi- bought into deep state

Netanyahu-God is not finished with him

Yair- up and coming

Sisi- ?

Zelensky- ?

Norway- blind

Iraq- tool of Iran

Lebanon- slay Nasrallah’ much hope for Lebanon

China- great resevorvoir of godly people

Iran- Mordecai and Esther will revive in spirit

Afganistan- Christians will blossom

Nigeria- a well of revival

California- a well of revival

New York- a well of revival

Pennsylvania- a well of revival

Arizona- fraud reveal

Prophets are calling for revival

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