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Kubota Event 4 On a beautiful spring day, I chose to make some improvements to the upper parking lot

After dumping a sufficient amount of fill, I was going to level out the fill using the front bucket of the Kubota. Positioning the Kubota on the fill material, the Kubota sank on the slope side of the material. I turned the front of the Kubota to go down the slope and reposition. All of a sudden I am about 10 feet down the slope looking up at the Kubota which is still running and laying on it's side. I had installed a roll bar on the Kubota. That roll bar kept the Kubota from rolling on top of me. Laying on the slope and looking up at the Kubota, I have a scratch on my right elbow with a small amount of blood. No big deal. I roll over to get up off the slope and turn off the Kubota.

What happened between turning the Kubota to go down the slope and looking up up 10 feet away with the Kubota on it's side and still running. I left the Kubota on it's side and go home to recoup and assess. I have a sore hip, the scratch on the elbow and nothing more. No evidence of head trauma or other injuries. I call my friend Cal Greer to help me put the Kubota back upright and pull it up on the upper parking lot. The hip was sore for a few weeks. The scratch on the elbow went away. Nothing more.

This is the 4th event where I am aware of before and after, but no idea of what happened inbetween. No head injuries to explain away the inbetween part. My throught is, there had to be heavenly intervention. I will find out by going to the Hall of Records in heaven to look up these events.

Sam Rodabenko writes about the Hall of Records in his first book "Between Two Worlds".

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