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little gods

Little gods

The Tower of Babel was a seismic shift in the world order.Nimrod was king over the then known world. He was building a temple for his many gods. Gods command was to disperse & populate the whole earth. Nimrod chose to build a kingdom for himself to dominate the world. God gave them their desires to have little gods over them. God confused their languages into 70 languages & nations. He gave them over to the sons of El. Each son of El was appointed as a god to rule over a nation. God gave them over to the desires of their hearts.

However, God preserved for himself a people He called His own. He called Abraham to build a nation set aside for God.

Every time there is a shift in world order, God makes provision for salvation & redemption.

I have listed 21 changes in world order that come to mind. One must remember each of us have a finite mind. My mind may be a little more limited than yours, so bear with me.

1. Creation including the Garden of Eden.

2. Creation of man to have dominion & authority over earth.

3. Fall of man & his removal from the Garden of Eden.

4. World wide flood and destruction of nephilem

5. Tower of Babel to the gods of Nimrod, 70 nations & languages.

6. Abraham, a nation God called His own.

7. Joseph, the savior of Jacob & his 70 family members along with all of Egypt.

8. Exodus and parting of Red Sea.

9. Mount Sinai & 10 commandments.

10. Joshua, crossing Jordan, Jericho

11. King David dynasty.

12. Daniel & his visions.

13. Birth of Messiah.

14. Cruxifiction, ressurection. Dominion & authority reclaimed.

15. Rapture of church.

16. Antichrist.

17. Return of Christ.

18. Armageddon

19. Millennial reign.

20. Release of Satan for a short time.

21. Great Throne Judgement

Each time there is a change in world order, God has it under His control. Go d executes his plan to bring about salvation and redemption for all mankind

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