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Ernie is in the hospital with heart problems. Thursday Ernie was having chest pains. Emergency room docs said he was having a heart attack. The balloon procedures were not successful. Arteries too hard. Stents will arrive Tuesday and a reaming procedure will be performed. Friday morning 2:30 AM Diane woke up speaking in tongues. She had a vision of a witch, the most beautiful person she has ever seen dressed in all black. The witch was doing sneaky things. Diane prayed against witchcraft and the witch went away. She had a 2nd vision of a golden change with a damaged golden heart pendant attached. The damaged pendant was replaced with a new perfect pendant.

So, how to interpret the visions. Both visions are self evident. Satan comes in a beautiful form to deceive. The new pendant indicates a new heart for Ernie.

Our part is to exercise faith, declare, and persist in prayer to bring about a new heart for Ernie.

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