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Dutch Sheetz speaks of the importance of persevering in prayer. He speaks of bowls of prayer being full. When our bowls are full, the Holy Spirit is able to go forth in full power to exercise the will of God on our behalf. A one time prayer may be all that God requires in some instances. That would equate to a miracle. God wants us to be consistant and pursue Him on a daily basis. Dutch gave an example of praying for warts, severe warts on his hands. He prayed for 2 years with no visible change to the warts. He asked God about the situation. The answer was persevere and pray continually, 6 or 7 times a day for the situation. He followed through. In a matter of 2 weeks, the warts were completely gone.

I am thinking of issuses in my life that needs perseverance in prayer.1. relationship with my wife; 2. two of my children; 3 8 of my 14 grandchildren; 4 and then the other things of this world.

Oh how God is anxious to answer our prayers that are in His will. Will I do my part. Lord help me.

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