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How much do we value our neighbor? How much does God value each person? Our sons/daughters, spouse that has difficulty believing or is discouraged needs our prayers. If we believe prayer is the most powerful force on earth, i.e. man's most powerful force, we must pray. What if our brother or sister is too weak to believe? Our prayer on their behalf is good and necessary. Every prayer on behalf of a person or a cause is stored up in heaven. If our prayer bowl in heaven has only one prayer in it to present to God, hwo much power does that prayer have? God desires to answer our prayers. God treasures our prayers and stores them up. Some of our prayers are selfish and have no eternal value. Of we are praying selfish prayers to enhance our ego, increase our comfort, bank account, things that have no eternal value, what eternal value do those prayers have? God knows what our basic needs and has already assured us of having these needs met.

Our loved ones, neighbors, nation depend on our prayers. Our prayers are so necessary that we must persevere in our prayers that have eternal consequences. When we pray regarding any person or situation, the Holy Spirit must go into action to bring about God's will regarding that person or situation.

What happens when a person has no strength or hope for themselves or their situation? That person becomes hopeless. What happens when there is no one to persevere in prayer for a person. We know God cares for every person. Why is it so difficult to care and persevere? Every person has needs that can only be met by God. God uses us to intervene on behalf of people, government & nations.

The Bible is full of examples of God's provision. The ultimate provision is God allowing Jesus to take on the mantle of humanity to pay the price for our sins. God has provision for every single person. Many accept that provision easily, others struggle, others reject. God uses and empowers us to be a part of his provision. Prayer allows us to overcone all the obstacles Satan throws at us. Some obstacles are so big and overwhelming it takes perseverance to overcome. Holy Spirit resides within us to partner with us in overcoming. The Messiah is there to hold our hand. When we get tired, the Holy Spirit and Messiah are there to strengthen us.

I am not the best example of persevering on behalf of myself, spouse, children, family,neighbors, government and nations. Yet, I am authorized by Messiah to do even greater works than he did on earth. I don't understand how God, Messiah and Holy Spirit can be patient with me; yet he is. Because he loves me and every single person on earth, I strive to seek God and be pleasing to him. There is hope for each of us to be used of God. I am self centered and stubborn. There is a way to combat our selfishness and stubborness. One of those ways is prayer, prayer, prayer, and more prayer. Through perseverance in prayer God makes it possible to live beyond ourselves and devote ourselves to his plans and will.

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