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A word #1 The Miracle

A word #2 Praise

Susan has been experiencing abnormally high blood pressure, as high as 269 over 120. Dr Perush stared at her baffled. How are you able to function. Pressure readings taken in Dr Purush’s office were 220 over 110. Medication given 1st week lowered pressure by 2 points. 3 new meds given. Susan not able to tolerate meds. Susan elected to take no meds until going back to doc.

I drove Paul to chiropractor Saturday Sept 4 in Tempe. We connected with Sam Radobenko for lunch. Sam brought with him a chapter in volume 2 of soon to be published book, ‘Between Two Worlds”. He stated this was for Susan to read, and then to shred it. Susan read the chapter and then shredded it. She was greatly impacted by the chapter.

I called Sam Monday. He gave me word #1 for Susan, ‘Expect the Miracle”.

Word #2 for Lloyd.”Give praise for the Miracle as if it has already occurred, and then watch for the Miracle”.

On Wednesday readings were 143 over 90. Praise, praise praise and no meds. I continue to give praise and watch for the complete Miracle.

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