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Amateur archaeologist. One man who found the most important item of history; Noah’s Ark;Red Sea crossing of Exodus; Mt Horeb where Moses struck the rock; Mt Sinai where God gave Moses the 10 commandments; altar of the golden calf; 3000 graves of those that worshiped the golden calf; Sodom & Gommorah;cross hole of Jesus; location of Ark of Covenant; Ark of the Covenant; golden lamp stand; 10 Commandments in God’s hand writing; all the items in the Temple including Goliath’s sword. In God’s timing the entire world will acknowledge the Messiah. In the mean time we are not to be ignorant. WE have God’s Word, His creation, His ancient prophets, His prophets of today.

We are called to share the Gospel. We are called to share Truth. Let the Holy Spirit be with us and guide us in reaching out to every person we meet. If we stay in our own little world, our neighbors will perish for lack of knowledge.

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