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Simon. San Simon was a small Tohono willage with corrals and a windmill to supply water tanks. The area is open range. The cows would feed during the day and come in at night for water.

At about years of age my parents left me in charge of the Santa Rosa Trading Post. The weekly routine was to spend Sunday with family in Phoenix. Monday go to the wholesale market on Jackson Street to acquire food supplies for the upcoming week. I was left to run the store Friday afternoon and Saturday. Closed on Sunday.

Saturday afternoon a social worker from Ajo was at the store with car radiator problems. A fan blade had broken off and punctured the radiator. He aaked if I would give him a tow to Ajo 90 miles away. I agreed and told him he would have to wait until after closing time. I hooked him up with a chain to my dad's new Dodge pickup. The pickup was very fast with a V8 motor. The tow to Ajo was long and slow. We arrived about 10 PM. The social worker asked if he could take me out to a movie. I replied "no, it is late and I have a long way back to Santa Rosa.

Returning to Santa Rosa and approaching San Simon, I was speeding at 100mph. I forgot about the cows coming in at night to water. At San Simon the road goes into a long recessed area for floodwater drainage. The road is paved and narrow 2 lanes. In the recessed area the mesquite and paloverde grow very close to the highway on both sides.

Traveling at 100mph 75' to 100' in front of me is all cows filling up the highway. I jammed on the brakes. The tires let out the loudest squeal. I was sure the whole village was awakened On subsequent trips thru San Simon the tire tracks remained. After the squeal of the tires and braking the truck was stopped without a scratch and I was still alive. I was petrified and trembling. It took a few minutes for me to recover. I was so shaken up I didn't look back ato see what happebed with the cows. All I know that in front of me had been solid cows.

It took a while for me to recoup enough to proceed. I could barely get the truck up to 15 mph. All the to Santa Rosa every bush or tree in the headlights was a cow.

If you have ever seen the results of a car hitting a large animal, the front of the car is destroyed. How was it possible to pass through a solid wall of cows. I was aware of braking and the truck halted.

I have had 3 similar events. In each event I am aware before and after. I have no idea of what happened inbetween. What is obvious is that there was angelic intervention. In my time in heaven I plan to go to the Hall of Records and look up these 4 events. I would like tao see and know how God intervenes on our behalf.

We can get more insight into how Heaven opeerates by reading "Between Two Worlds", by Sam Radobenko.

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